DJ Vyrus was born in Columbus, OH and grew up in Los Angeles, CA. DJ Vyrus was influenced by the ‘hard house’ movement; he made his transition into trance towards the end of 2006. Seeing Armin Van Buuren for the first time at Monster Massive ’06, was the key moment that revolutionized his perception of modern dance music. And at the age of 27, DJ Vyrus has quickly put himself in the mix, with the few rising American DJ’s in this European and UK driven DJ-ing World.

DJ Vyrus first began making mixes on his computer up until the end of 2007 where he made his first major purchase of DJ Equipment (2 CDJ 800 MKIIs and 1 DJM 800 Mixer). At the first of the year he began spinning on his new equipment which expanded his artistic approach, as well as added to a vast compilation of his personal mixes. DJ Vyrus’ lavish sounds of ‘Virus Sessions 20’ & ‘Virus Sessions 28’ have become fan favorites; these compilations have only reiterated the zeal of his craft.

Currently DJ Vyrus’ podcast, Monday Night Central, is a product of alluring sound. Tune in every 1st Monday of every month as DJ Vyrus spins a combination of the latest in Trance and Progressive. Don’t just take my word for it; take a dive into this great world of sound as we tune in to ‘Monday Night Central’.