DJ Vyrus @ Trip Santa Monica Drink Specials

Less than 4 weeks away to the event and I thought I would pass along the drink specials. We have $3 Domestic Draughts before 9pm and $4 all night long. Also, $5 Witches Brew (Mixed drink loaded with alcohol). For more information & Pre-Sale, click here.

Nina and Cyrus’ 21st and 25th BDAY bash

What a party! Great costumes, great people, and great music! Thanks all for coming and showing your support while I was DJing. I was suprised by the number of people dancing to music they don’t normally listen to. If anyone wants to know any of the tracks I mixed, let me know.

Recent Show

I had a chance to play at Cafe Pi on Sunset Saturday night. Some of the pictures have been posted.